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  • Garcia Iktia
Keywords: film, horor film, history, cinematography


Indonesian films experience development over time. In the beginning film in Indonesia served as a mass
mobilizer and propaganda, then suspended animation. Now Indonesian films are taken into account to international
festivals, especially the horror film genre. The object to be analyzed in this study is a horror film, entitled 'Pengabdi
Setan' by director Rudi Sudjarwo produced in 2017 which is also nominated for the Indonesian Film Festival. Research
through the analysis of historical studies with comparative research methods, literature study of two films that have been
adapted to the same genre, namely the horror genre. Both films have good unity in the story and cinematography, but in
the film “Pengabdi Setan†made in 2017 the audience is treated to a different cinematography than the one made in 1980
and the many cinematographic developments in the Indonesian film horror genre.


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