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Vol 2 No 1 (2018): NUSANTARA & TEKNOLOGI

Narasi Visual Kematian Pada Ilustrasi Buku Cerita Rakyat Anak Indonesia

  • Refita Ika Indrayati
  • Pindi Setyawan
  • Acep Iwan Saidi
December 19, 2018
September 1, 2018


Folklore used as a tool to transfer life lesson from generation to generation. In the midst of modern children's
books that carry moral as a main theme, folklore must comes with a new adaptation to compete with other stories. This
adaptation forced to change how sensitive theme must be delivered, such as death. This study aims to explore how
Indonesian folklore books that narrated death in terms of images, texts, and relationships built between the two
elements. Using content analysis, this research takes an example of story containing subtheme as story line from four
printed books of Indonesian children ’s folktales that published between 2015-2017.