Analisis Keterampilan Bertanya Siswa Mata Pelajaran Tematik Tema 8 Subtema 3 Kelas V SDN 2 Mojoarum

  • Anik Rahayuningsih
  • Nugraha Janattaka
Keywords: Student Skills, Thematic, Question and Answer


Question and answer is a major part of student learning activities. The questioning activity is asking
factual questions or hypotheses that begin with guidance from the teacher until students understand
themselves and become habitual activities. This study aims to describe the Students' Asking Skills in the
Environment is the theme of Our Friends Sub Thematic Environmental Conservation Sub-Thematic
Subjects and describe the obstacles experienced by fifth grade students of SD Negeri Mojoarum Gondang
Tulungagung 2 class 5 in 2018/2019. The method used in this research is a qualitative descriptive
approach. The results of this study are 7 students who have fulfilled all the requirements for questioning
skills indicators, on the other hand there is one student who only reaches one point from the
requirements, two questioning skills indicator requirements are met by 6 students, there are two students
who cannot meet the indicator requirements questioning skills. The obstacles experienced by students
have not been able to use Indonesian correctly, lack of focus in asking questions, lack of confidence, fear
of being wrong, embarrassed when laughed at by their friends and unable to raise their voices so that
questions can reach the whole class. The conclusion of this study is that each student in class V
Mojoarum has different questioning skills.