Monopoli Elektronik (ME 3in1) Untuk Pembelajaran Di Sekolah Dasar Negeri Bandung Sejo Sari 3 Malang

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  • Prathiwi Triyana
  • Yuninda Dewi Agustin
  • Inge Lailati
  • Nuri Yuniasih
Keywords: ME 3IN1, Learning Outcomes, Electronic Monopoly


This study aims to determine the effect of Electronic Monopoly (ME 3IN1) on the learning outcomes of
4th grade students at SDN Bandungrejosari 3. The approach used is quantitative research, with the
type of quasi-experimental research. The IVA study sample was 27 students (control) and IVB class
totaling 27 students (experimental). The research instrument used tests in the form of pre-test and
post-test. based on the results of the study obtained a significance value of 0.00 <0.05 so that Ho was
rejected Ha was accepted meaning that there was an influence of Electronic Monopoly (ME 3IN1) on
student learning outcomes.


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