Meningkatkan Kemampuan Menulis Puisi Melalui Metode Imitasi Pada Siswa Kelas VI SDN 2 Limboto Kabupaten Gorontalo

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  • Dewi Harun
Keywords: Poetry Writing Ability, Imitation Method,


Writing poetry is one of the activities at school which is included in literacy activities. Literacy
activities can enrich students' knowledge and insight, especially in writing poetry. In order for
students to be able to write poetry properly and correctly, it is necessary for the creativity of a teacher
to create a learning innovation that can motivate students' enthusiasm for learning, knowledge and
skills. The teacher must be able to innovate in learning so as to create meaningful learning for
students and one of the innovations chosen is the selection of methods in learning. The purpose of this
study is to describe the results of learning innovation using imitation methods. The data generated in
the first cycle of 33 the number of grade VI students who are able to make poems properly are only
0.39% and those who have not been able to make poems properly and correctly by 0.60% with both
percentages of 0.21% . From the results of the first cycle, revisions were made for the implementation
of the second cycle, so that in the second cycle learning an increase of 0.85% of students was able to
make poetry well and correctly, while students who were unable to 0.15% with a percentage of 0.70
% The percentage increase between cycles I to II was 0.49%. So it is concluded that the imitation
method is very good for use in language learning, especially poetry writing material.


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