Incrementapedia: Jurnal Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini <p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Incrementapedia: The Early Childhood Education Journal</strong> is managed by the Early Childhood Education Teacher Education Study Program, Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, Universitas PGRI Adi Buana Surabaya, facilitating scientists, researchers and early childhood education practitioners to publish research articles and literature review results in the field of education early childhood. Journal contains articles of research results and literature reviews in the field of early childhood education, including: all aspects of early childhood development (Religious and Moral Values, Physical-Motor, Cognitive, Language, Social-Emotional, and Art), parenting, neuroscience, technology and communication in early childhood education, early childhood health and safety, early childhood education with special needs, and early childhood learning models. This journal also contains Best Practice articles from early childhood education policy makers.</p> Program Studi PG-PAUD Universitas PGRI Adi Buana Surabaya en-US Incrementapedia: Jurnal Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini 2686-3146 MENINGKATKAN KEMAMPUAN MOTORIK HALUS MENGGUNAKAN MEDIA LOOSE PART DI PAUD AL-BAROKAH PADA KELOMPOK B <p><em>Early childhood education is education that is organized to encourage the overall growth and development of children. In early childhood, several aspects of development need to be stimulated, one of which is fine motor development in children. Fine motor skills in children are physical skills that involve fine muscles such as fingers that are arranged and coordinated between the eyes and hands. The purpose of this study was to find out and obtain information about activities to improve fine motor skills in group B children at PAUD Al Barokah using loose part media. This research was conducted as part of classroom action research. The object of the study was the 15 children of Al-Barokah PAUD, consisting of 5 girls and 10 boys. The classroom action research method uses the Kemmis and Taggaret models which consist of two cycles. There are four stages in each cycle, namely: 1) planning, 2) action, 3) observation, and 4) reflection.</em></p> RETMA WIDYANING ATI RETMA IJAH AJJAH ENDONG NURKIYAH SITI SOLIHA NINA YUMINAR PRIYANTI Copyright (c) 2023 Incrementapedia: Jurnal Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini 2023-06-30 2023-06-30 5 1 1 7 10.36456/incrementapedia.vol5.no1.a6623 PELAKSANAAN TEKNIK ASESMEN FORMAL DAN INFORMAL PADA PEMBELAJARAN MATEMATIKA UNTUK ANAK USIA DINI <p><em>Assessment is a process of describing as it is about the behavior shown by the child. The behavior in question is directed at aspects of development that must be mastered by children. The assessment aims to reveal the facts of the actual development that occurs and is achieved by the child (description), mapping the developmental achievements of each child (mapping), grouping children on relatively similar developmental achievements (grouping), providing programs that are in accordance with the child's needs (programming). Implementation of the assessment can use two main approaches, namely a formal assessment approach (formal based assessment) and an informal assessment (informal based assessment). The formal assessment approach usually uses instrumentation and is based on scores or numbers, so some call it a test-based assessment. The informal assessment approach uses real situations and real work of children to describe the state of behavior as it is.</em></p> LATHIFAH HASANAH KINANTI FITRIYANI NARESWARI SABITHA WIDYADHARI UZLIFA JANNAH MIFTAHUL HASANAH Copyright (c) 2023 Incrementapedia: Jurnal Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini 2023-06-30 2023-06-30 5 1 8 17 10.36456/incrementapedia.vol5.no1.a6372 PERAN GURU DALAM MEMBINA KARAKTER RELIGIUS PESERTA DIDIK DI RA AL-HIDAYAH <p><em>The job of a teacher is more than just teaching the material in class; In addition, he teaches, directs, supports and assists students in cultivating positive attitudes and behaviors to help them become good people. Other experts agree with Uno (2008), supporting Salahudin and Irwanto's argument regarding the importance of the teacher's role as a model for developing religious character: The teacher must be able to be an example for his students because he represents a group of people who can be imitated and admired. Therefore, the role of school counselors in the learning process is indispensable, especially in terms of conveying knowledge and information related to moral values. Character education is required so that students are able to anticipate and respond to future challenges with religious insight. Religious character development can also be assisted by instilling religious values and teaching children to always behave well. PAUD activities enable children to worship, understand and believe in God's creation, love and respect others, and achieve their goals. According to the findings of this study, teachers at RA Al-Hidayah have a role in fostering the religious character of their students because they can always help students in developing good religious character. Religious character education provides the first opportunity for teachers to assist students in realizing their full potential.</em></p> SITI MA RIFATUL MUNAWAROH ASTUTI DARMIYANTI NIDA’UL MUNAFIAH Copyright (c) 2023 Incrementapedia: Jurnal Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini 2023-06-30 2023-06-30 5 1 18 23 10.36456/incrementapedia.vol5.no1.a6547 MENINGKATKAN KEMAMPUAN BAHASA ANAK USIA DINI MELALUI KEGIATAN PENYEDIAAN BUKU BERGAMBAR <p><em>At a young age, children begin to grow and develop rapidly. Educators, parents, caregivers, or other adults around children need to set up a stimulating role by providing a conducive environment for children to reach their full potential. Questions were asked about social, emotional, and independent life, ethical and religious principles, language skills, cognitive, physical/motor, and artistic potential. Language is a tool of communication with other people. The teacher-child approach, which is the subject of this qualitative research, is the method adopted in this study. A method known as "purposeful sampling" uses specific objectives to select respondents and select sources or objects of research based on various factors. Triangulation, interviews, and observation of the following data collection methods. The use of primary data sources and techniques as well as participant observation are used in qualitative research. Based on the findings of this study, it can be concluded that giving picture books can improve language skills in early childhood at RA AL-HIDAYAH groups A and B. This can be done by observing how the teaching staff at RA AL-HIDAYAH Institute are very enthusiastic and work hard to continue to improve children's language skills. By using the media of picture books, children's language development is also carried out personally.</em></p> MUTIA MUHALISIAH ASTUTI DARMAYANTI Copyright (c) 2023 Incrementapedia: Jurnal Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini 2023-06-30 2023-06-30 5 1 24 31 IMPLEMENTASI KEGIATAN SENAM SEHAT GEMBIRA DALAM MENINGKATKAN KEMAMPUAN MOTORIK KASAR ANAK USIA DINI DI RA SIRAJUT THALIBIN RACEK TIRIS PROBOLINGGO <p><em> Implementation of happy healthy gymnastic activities is very important for the gross motor development of early childhood because every movement can build muscle endurance, for example: wrists, back, arms and so on. RA Sirajut Thalibin conducts healthy gymnastic activities for joy, the implementation is carried out once a week, namely on Wednesdays. Happy healthy gymnastics besides improving gross motor skills also affects children's intelligence, one of which is kinesthetic intelligence, the advantages of a child who has kinesthetic intelligence tends to memorize faster and be able to complete tasks well. This study uses qualitative research with a descriptive research design. Collecting data in this study using interview techniques, observation, and documentation. The results of research at RA Sirajut Thalibin are as follows: 1). Implementation of Joyful Healthy Gymnastic Activities in Improving Gross Motor Skills of Early Children at RA Sirajut Thalibin Racek-Tiris-Probolinggo, begins with warm-up movements, core movements, and cool-down movements. Through these activities the child's body, legs and hands are well coordinated over time. 2). Supporting factors such as the condition of the child who is very enthusiastic and passionate about doing gymnastics. 3). Inhibiting factors such as weather sometimes does not support such as rain and infrastructure that experiences technical problems</em></p> HALIMATUS SA’DIYAH ENDAH TRI WISUDANINGSIH TERZA TRAVELANCYA DP Copyright (c) 2023 Incrementapedia: Jurnal Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini 2023-06-30 2023-06-30 5 1 32 38 10.36456/incrementapedia.vol5.no1.a7039 STRATEGI GURU DALAM MENINGKATKAN KEMAMPUAN BERBAHASA ANAK USIA DINI DI TK IT INSAN ROBBANI SIBUHAN <p><em>&nbsp;The problem behind this research is improving teachers' learning strategies to enhance children's language proficiency. This study aimed to examine how teachers' techniques are used in the language development of TK IT Insan Robbani children. This study uses a descriptive, qualitative method. The data collection methods in this study are observational use and interviews. Data analysis techniques in this study are data reduction, data presentation, validation, and inference. The results of this study, which was found to be about teachers' strategies for developing children's language skills, explored teachers' direct communication methods, storytelling methods, visual media use, and checklist and anecdotal assessment of language development by providing.</em></p> KHAIRU NISA YULIANTI NUR AZIZAH LUBIS JASMANI DELFI ELIZA Copyright (c) 2023 Incrementapedia: Jurnal Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini 2023-06-30 2023-06-30 5 1 39 44 10.36456/incrementapedia.vol5.no1.a6632 PENGARUH READ ALOUD DALAM MENGEMBANGKAN BAHASA PADA ANAK DI RAUDHATUL ATHFAL AR-RAHMAN KINALI <p><em>Children's language development still experiences difficulties in expressing the child's ability to understand the performance of receptive language skills and expressive language skills. One reason is because the stimulus given by the teacher in learning at Raudhatul Athfal Ar Rahman Kinali is less varied both in terms of strategies, methods and learning media used. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of reading aloud in developing language in children at Raudhatul Athfal Ar Rahman Kinali. The research method used is a qualitative research method with a descriptive approach. The research subjects in this study were students of Raudhatul Athfal Ar Rahman Kinali who were group B, and in this study the subjects studied totaled 15 students. Data collection techniques are observation, interview, and documentation techniques. The results showed that reading aloud has an effect on developing language in children in Raudhatul Athfal Ar Rahman Kinali with the benefits obtained after doing this activity is to increase children's interest in reading activities, increase vocabulary mastered by children, children are able to retell the contents of stories they have heard with own language.</em></p> BAITI LATIFA ANNISA FITRIA DELFI ELIZA Copyright (c) 2023 Incrementapedia: Jurnal Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini 2023-06-30 2023-06-30 5 1 45 51 10.36456/incrementapedia.vol5.no1.a6627 PENINGKATAN KOMPETENSI GURU PENDIDIKAN ANAK USIA DINI DI TK BINA HASANAH CIMINDI <p><em>Teacher competence is one of the benchmarks for the success of the education implemented. Therefore, qualified educators will be able to produce students who grow according to thei rstage of development. This ability is closely related to the ability of teachers to teach in the classroom. This includes the ability to manage classes and the ability of teachers to interact with students. The purpose of this study was to analyze several teacher competencies including teacher competence in pedagogic competence, personality competence, socialcompetence, and teacher professional competence. The research method uses a qualitative descriptive analysi sapproach. The results of the study indicate that teachers have applied pedagogic competence, personality competence, social competence, and professional competence in classroom learning but still need to be improved. But the competence of its application In learning is still in the poor category. It is suggested that teachers canimprove their competence in classroom learning by participating in various competency development trainings.</em></p> JENAL ABIDIN HAMIDAH SITI HARUM NURESHARA Copyright (c) 2023 Incrementapedia: Jurnal Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini 2023-06-30 2023-06-30 5 1 52 64 10.36456/incrementapedia.vol5.no1.a6341 ANALISIS MODEL KEPEMIMPINAN YANG MENDUKUNG PROFESIONALITAS GURU PENDIDIKAN ANAK USIA DINI (PAUD) DI KOTA SURABAYA <p><em>Professional teachers become an illustration of the ability of a teacher to determine the direction of goals, values and quality in teaching in accordance with their competence in administering education.</em> <em>Teacher professionalism is seen as having a relationship with leadership models, especially in early childhood education (PAUD), both formal and non-formal education. This study aims to analyze the ideal leadership model seen as capable of supporting teacher professionalism from the perspective of PAUD teachers in Surabaya. This research using descriptive quantitative method collected primary data using questionnaires and the Thurstone scale model which was distributed to 184 PAUD teachers, both in Kindergarten (TK) and Groups of students (KB). The analysis technique was carried out using the K-Mean Cluster to describe a group of teachers based on an ideal leadership perspective. The results of the cluster analysis grouped 27% of teachers with a transformational leadership perspective, 41% of teachers with a democratic leadership perspective, and 32% of teachers with a charismatic leadership perspective. The results of the inferential analysis that tested the correlation between the leadership model and teacher professional development obtained a value of ꭓ<sup>2</sup> of 72.095 at p=0.000 (p&lt;0.05) which proves that the leadership model perspective has a significant correlation with teacher professional development. An important finding in this study is that teachers' educational background has no correlation with their professionalism, while the factors of teacher age, number of students, and teacher tenure have a significant correlation with PAUD teacher professionalism. It is suggested that each PAUD educational institution should develop strengths in each leadership character which is seen as able to support teacher professionalism, namely by providing support for efforts to develop teacher potential by increasing supervision, providing training and supporting the learning process.</em></p> ANITA MAULIYAH Copyright (c) 2023 Incrementapedia: Jurnal Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini 2023-06-30 2023-06-30 5 1 65 76 10.36456/incrementapedia.vol5.no1.a6571 PENGGUNAAN TEKNOLOGI INFORMASI KOMUNIKASI UNTUK PEMBELAJARAN BAHASA ANAK USIA DINI <p><em>Children integrate with various digital technologies in everyday life and become their users. This study aims to determine the application of communication science technology in early childhood language learning at Perwad Aur Duri Kindergarten in Padang Timur. This research is a qualitative descriptive research with data collection techniques using interview and observation methods. The subjects in this study were children, totaling 3 educators and 52 children. Based on the results of interviews that have been conducted at Perwad Kindergarten the learning process uses communication science technology as a supporting tool in children's language learning. The learning activities carried out by the teacher's language learning display pictures, video words and practice videos as well as words and sounds. Meanwhile, based on observations, some teachers have implemented and practiced information and communication technology tools to make it easier for child participants to find information, especially in language. Based on the conclusions from the research above, it is identified that the application of communication information technology in Perwad Aur Duri Kindergarten in East Padang</em></p> FISNA KHAIRIAH DELFI ELIZA ERMA INDAH PERMATA DARMA Copyright (c) 2023 Incrementapedia: Jurnal Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini 2023-06-30 2023-06-30 5 1 77 83 10.36456/incrementapedia.vol5.no1.a6628 IMPLEMENTASI MODEL ATIK UNTUK MENINGKATKAN KECERDASAN KINESTETIK MELALUI KEGIATAN MENARI TARIAN BAKIAK <p><em>For Upgrade ability child in observing, imitating and could do movement for could Upgrade intelligence kinesthetic with do movement dance Clogs that is aim from study the development of the ATIK model. Observational child _ in study this there are 17 children . And the technique used with observation and interview . Then Technique processing of this data is with descriptive that is tell whole condition child . First thing to do is observing children in TK Strada Bina Sejahtera who have good development _ like develop very good (BSB) of whole child . kindly gradually observation done in a manner continuous so could generate authentic data . Development child could seen moment they do movement dance with method observing , imitating then do movement in accordance with rhythm music . With do activity dance Clogs could stimulate ability intelligence kinesthetic child .</em></p> WIDARTI EMILIANA DEBORA PUJO SRI WATINI Copyright (c) 2023 Incrementapedia: Jurnal Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini 2023-06-30 2023-06-30 5 1 84 91 10.36456/incrementapedia.vol5.no1.a6862 PENERAPAN PROGRAM MARKET DAY DALAM MENSTIMULASI PERKEMBANGAN SOSIAL EMOSIONAL ANAK USIA DINI DI RA AN-NAMIROH KISARAN <p><em>This study aims to determine the results and process of implementing market day in stimulating social emotional development of early childhood in the B RA An-Namiroh Kisaran group. This research is a type of descriptive qualitative research that describes the reality in the field at the time the research was conducted. The data collected was analyzed narratively, namely collecting descriptions of events or incidents and then compiling them into stories. The subjects of this study were group B children of An-Namiroh Kisaran Kindergarten. Data collection techniques in this study were carried out by interviews, observation, and documentation. The results showed that the market day activities carried out at An - Namiroh Kindergarten range for group B children aged 5-6 years can be seen from the attainment of indicators of social emotional abilities of children aged 5-6 years, namely from a. Self-awareness, b. Sense of responsibility, c. Prosocial behavior. </em></p> <p> </p> RISMAYANI DEA PUTRI JELITA MARTINI SITI MAHPUDZOH SRG KHADIJAH Copyright (c) 2023 Incrementapedia: Jurnal Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini 2023-06-30 2023-06-30 5 1 92 98 10.36456/incrementapedia.vol5.no1.a7549 PENGARUH METODE PEMBELAJARAN BERCERITA DAN BERBASIS PROYEK TERHADAP KEMAMPUAN BERBAHASA ANAK USIA 5-6 TAHUN <p><em>The poor ability to speak and tell stories can be seen from the difficulty in answering simple questions from the teacher. The weak ability of students to express their thoughts usually causes them to be quiet at school and unable to answer the teacher's questions. From childhood, he was also expected to understand other languages. Understanding conversation is a basic ability of students to adapt to the social environment. Because children aged 5-6 years usually have started communicating verbally with their environment and most children in kindergarten already have more than 8000 words. Therefore we need a learning model that can improve children's language skills. Until now, narrative models are considered suitable for improving children's language skills. However, the project-based learning model is a learning model that can also improve language skills in a more interesting way. These two models are compared to determine which model is more effective in improving early childhood language skills based on gender. The research was conducted at TK Bina Pendidikan Pekanbaru on children aged 5-6 years and the research method used was quantitative with two way ANOVA. The results showed that gender had no effect on language skills in early childhood. The role of teachers and parents is very important in children's language development. In improving children's language skills. To achieve good language skills, teachers must be creative and adapt the methods used to the character and needs of each child.</em></p> ARI WULANDARI RIVO PANII YUDHA Copyright (c) 2023 Incrementapedia: Jurnal Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini 2023-06-30 2023-06-30 5 1 99 108 10.36456/incrementapedia.vol5.no1.a7305 MENINGKATKAN LITERASI KESEHATAN MELALUI MEDIA POP UP BOOK BAGI ANAK DINI <p><em>Early childhood education level requires readiness from various elements, one of which is through a literacy program health that aims to help children understand the importance of behavior clean and healthy living (PHBS). The PHBS referred to is in the form bring supplies and do not share food as an effort to prevent Covid-19 at school. This research was carried out using the development method refers to research and development steps according to Borg &amp; Gall (1983). The research objective is to develop pop up book media digital-based to improve health literacy skills in children aged 4-6 years. Product trial results consisting of media expert trials, substance experts trials, prospective users trials and tests field. The media expert test results obtained 85.83%, the substance expert test obtained the average 88.94%, and the test results for prospective product users obtained an average of 86.98%. it can be concluded that ABBA's pop up book media is very good and unnecessary revised. The results of the product effectiveness test obtained an average pre-test score (XB) of 1682 and the average post test score (XA) is 1811 when compared to the t table value at a significance level of 5% then 0.004 &lt;0.05 so it can be concluded that pop up book media can improve health literacy skills in children aged 4-6 years.</em></p> ELISABETH TAMPUBOLON AHMAD FACHRURRAZI ERVIN NURUL AFFRIDA NITASIH INDAHSARI Copyright (c) 2023 Incrementapedia: Jurnal Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini 2023-06-30 2023-06-30 5 1 109 115 10.36456/incrementapedia.vol5.no1.a7593 PENGEMBANGAN KEMAMPUAN EMOSIONAL ANAK USIA DINI MELALUI PERMAINAN TRADISIONAL CONGKLAK <p><em>This study sought to determine whether familiar congklak games influence how children interact with one another to enhance their social and emotional skills. A type of qualitative research known as descriptive research describes the actual situation in the field at the time of the study. The collected data are analyzed narratively, or by assembling the events' descriptions into a story. The study included four to five-year-olds from Rantauprapat, Kel, who lived in the Port Road neighborhood. Rantau Utara District, Padang Matinggi District, and Labuhan Batu District. Observation was used to collect data in this study. The study found that playing congklak in the stone port had little effect on how children between the ages of 4 and 5 developed their emotions. Additionally, made-up activities are based on games that young children can play.</em></p> AISYAH PUTRI RAMBE DINIL ARIFAH NASUTION RHEINA MEISYAH SIREGAR Hafifah KHADIJAH KHADIJAH Copyright (c) 2023 Incrementapedia: Jurnal Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini 2023-06-30 2023-06-30 5 1 116 119 10.36456/incrementapedia.vol5.no1.a7664