JALEE : Journal of Applied Linguistics and English Educationoffers articles focusing on mediating language competence and language and English education experience. In addition, the journal aims to promote an understanding of how language pertains to applied linguistics and English Education, how it affects people's lives, and what interventions are desirable and feasible in various language use and learning domains as pedagogically-based English education.

This publication is written in English; however, its concerns are not limited to English-native-speaking cultures. We invite entries that demonstrate the challenges that arise in applied linguistics and English teaching in different places and cultures and the extent to which they may necessitate different viewpoints and modes of mediation. We are interested in the relationship between the particular and the general; in other words, articles that explicitly demonstrate how local language usage or learning challenges illustrate more significant global concerns.

JALEE welcomes scholarly debates on new issues in the field, including original and rigorous analyses of the policies and practices that prepare people to work in education at any level. JALEE publishes theoretical, conceptual, and qualitative or quantitative empirical studies, funded research projects, and review articles that critically assess the summarised material.