The Manuscript General Guidelines

The manuscript text general guidelines are as follows:

  1. The manuscript is the authentic research result that has not been published yet in other publication media or publishing houses.
  2. Manuscript accepted standard written in English;
  3. The manuscript text tought to be written as this article template. The article is written on custom size paper (180x250 mm), with custom margins as follows: left 2,5 cm, right 2 cm, bottom 2,49 cm and top 2,49 cm, Calisto MT theme font, 11pt font size, and 1.5 lin-spacing.
  4. The manuscript is typed using Microsoft Word program on A4 paper, around 3.000-6.000 words including abstrct, figures, tables and references.
  5. The manuscript does not contain any plagiarism element. The editorial board will directly reject the text that indicates plagiarism. We use plagiarism software to check your manuscript.
  6. The manuscript consists of five main headings: Introduction; Methods; Results; Discussion; Conclusions and Suggestions; and References.
  7. Title of the article should be as short as possible, and should represent the content of the manuscript;
  8. Author names are written under the title, followed by author affiliation and e-mail address;
  9. Abstract written in Indonesian and English. Abstract not exceeding 200 words, write a narrative consists goals / objectives, methods, and findings of the research / writing;
  10. Keywords: words or phrases that are important, specific, or representative for articles and consisting of 3-6 words;
  11. References APA 7th Style.
  12. The manuscript must be written in the following template;