About the Journal

The Jurnal Inventa is a peer-reviewed open scientific access, with e-ISSN: 2598-6244 and p-ISSN: 2622-819X. published by the Department of Elementary School Teacher Education, Universitas PGRI Adi Buana Surabaya. This journal publishes scientific papers that discuss the results of research studies and literature reviews as well as the latest issues and trends that occur in elementary school science studies. The Jurnal Inventa is published twice a year, in March and September. In addition, this journal has the following special sections:

  • Learning & Instruction: consists of theoretical and empirical research studies on learning by teaching, knowledge and practice, the learner itself, and its context (integrative thematic learning, elementary school science learning, social science in elementary schools, moral education, character and citizenship in elementary schools , learning mathematics in elementary schools, learning Indonesian, and literature in elementary schools, learning culture and local wisdom in elementary schools)
  • Issues and Trends in Elementary Schools: consists mainly of analytical, interpretive, or persuasive essays on current educational, social, or philosophical issues and trends that are relevant to teaching in primary schools. This particular section primarily aims to promote informed dialogue on current issues in elementary school education, and carefully reasoned papers representing various points of view are welcomed. Manuscripts sent for this section can be in the form of position papers, polemic works, or creative comments.
  • Educational psychology in elementary schools: consists of studies that discuss the psychology of elementary school children, the psychology of elementary school environments, the psychology of teachers as educators, the development of elementary school-age children, discussing psychological problems related to the scope of primary schools.
  • Elementary School Teacher Professional Education: consists of original empirical and / or theoretical research that examine elementary school teacher preparation, elementary school teacher work, or how teacher work is influenced by a broader context.
  • Education Policy and Analysis in elementary schools: including reports on the objectives and / or basic principles of policies adopted by the government, interest groups, school districts, especially policies regarding education in elementary schools 
    The Journal Editorial Board invites texts that discuss relevant science education topics that use a recognized and recognized scientific approach that also has an impact or can be generalized to the national population.
  • Educational technology in elementary schools: receive studies on the development and analysis of learning technologies especially in elementary schools receive studies and development of technology-based learning media and traditional media that have been modified, receive studies on the development of models, strategies, and approaches in learning in elementary schools, and accept development management technology systems at elementary schools.