Majalah Ekonomi <p>Jurnal Ekonomi Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas PGRI Adi Buana Surabaya</p> Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas PGRI Adi Buana en-US Majalah Ekonomi 1411-9501 Analisis Efektivitas Sistem Pengendalian Internal Barang Perlengkapan Studi Kasus Di Sempoa Tc Dharmahusada Mas <p><em>The purpose of this </em><em>research</em><em> was to determine the importance of internal control on systems and procedures for supplying </em><em>stocks </em><em>at the Sempoa Sip TC Dharmahusada Mas which is one of the current assets in the company in addition to income from paying special fees. To find out whether the systems and procedures at the Sempoa Sipwhich have been running for several years are effective and in accordance with the procedures. Collecting data in this </em><em>research</em><em> are interviews, documentation, literature study, primary data, secondary documents. clear enough. However, the division of tasks at the company is still not good because it is only carried out by the admin, namely, the purchasing system, goods receipt system, expenditure system, warehouse has not been effective. This shows that there is no good principle of segregation of functions, namely segregation of duties.</em></p> Oktavia Dwi Sheila R Anna Marina Fitri Nuraini Copyright (c) 2021 Majalah Ekonomi 2021-12-21 2021-12-21 26 2 1 6 10.36456/majeko.vol27.no2.a4733 Pengaruh Work Environment Terhadap Job Satisfaction Dengan Work Relationship Sebagai Variabel Mediasi <p><em>This study aims to see the effect of work environment on job satisfaction in financing company employees in Ambon city with work relationship as a mediating variable. This is a quantitative study, involving 100 employees of 5 finance companies in Ambon city as respondents. This study is using partial least square, results show that work environment and work relationships have a significant effect on job satisfaction and work environment has a significant effect on work relationships among finance company employees in Ambon city.</em></p> Ratih Indriyani Aksel Imanuel Iman Copyright (c) 2021 Majalah Ekonomi 2021-12-21 2021-12-21 26 2 7 22 10.36456/majeko.vol27.no2.a4734 Marketing Communication Strategy Pisau Cukur Merk Kingsman <p><em>This study aims to examine changes in the integrated marketing communication strategy for the KingsMan brand knife. This research focuses on the strategy changes made by KingsMan in market penetration in the midst of market competition. Apart from market competition. The product brand is constrained by restrictions during the pandemic, so a change in marketing strategy is needed. This research uses descriptive qualitative method with primary and secondary data. The results of the study show that changing KingsMan's strategy by using marketing mix techniques is able to increase product absorption in the market. In addition to increasing sales, KingsMan's marketing mix also increased brand awareness of the brand. This study has limitations in terms of the respondent's area in Surabaya and the digital marketing channel used. This study provides recommendations for further research that emphasizes aspects of digital marketing strategies</em></p> Marya Mujayana Copyright (c) 2021 Majalah Ekonomi 2021-12-21 2021-12-21 26 2 23 31 10.36456/majeko.vol27.no2.a4735 Pengaruh Team Work Dan Disiplin Kerja Pada Multi National Company (MNC) Terhadap Kinerja Karyawan <p><em>Companies in achieving optimal performance require team work and work discipline from employees to support their achievements. So this study aims to test and prove empirically: the effect of team work directly on employee performance, the effect of work discipline on employee performance directly and team work and discipline together have a direct effect on performance. This study is an explanatory research with a population of 150 respondents, this study was analyzed through Linear Regression Analysis with the help of SPSS 23 software. The results showed a constant value of -0.77 stating that if the independent variables of team work and work discipline did not exist, then employee performance will decrease by -0.77 units. While the team work coefficient value of 0.617 states that the team work variable has a positive and significant impact on employee performance, or in other words, every 1 increase in team work scores will be followed by employee performance of 0.617 units. The work discipline coefficient value of 0.721 states that the work discipline variable has a positive and significant effect on employee productivity, or in other words, every 1 increase in team work score will be followed by an increase in employee productivity of 0.721 units. So that team work and employee work discipline need to be continuously improved so as to improve employee performance at the multi-national company PT. DS Global to maintain the company's survival.</em></p> Suhardoyo Copyright (c) 2021 Majalah Ekonomi 2021-12-21 2021-12-21 26 2 32 45 10.36456/majeko.vol27.no2.a4736 Rancang Bangun Aplikasi Laporan Keuangan Berbasis Web Pada Pt. Anugrah Putra Kharisma <ol> <li><em> Anugrah Putra Kharisma is a company that carries out the business of buying land, building houses to selling houses. To support this business, one of the activities at PT. Anugrah Putra Kharisma is managing the company's financial data by making financial reports in the form of income and expense reports. The problem is that so far the preparation of financial reports takes a long time because every transaction is recorded in the books by the Administration Section. Furthermore, the transaction data is entered and processed with the Microsoft Excel application. This causes the process of making financial statements takes a long time. Based on these problems, the solution offered in this study is to design a web-based financial statement application at PT Anugrah Putra Kharisma. This financial report application consists of managing daily financial reports, monthly financial reports, annual financial reports, and printing reports. By utilizing the application of financial statements can help companies to solve existing problems.</em></li> </ol> Sulistiowati Januar Wibowo Reris Pratama Putra Copyright (c) 2021 Majalah Ekonomi 2021-12-21 2021-12-21 26 2 46 53 10.36456/majeko.vol27.no2.a4737 Pengaruh Social Media Marketing, Brand Awareness, Dan Brand Image Terhadap Brand Loyalty Pada J&T Express Di Surabaya <p><em>Currently, the internet has a very big influence on the market which must be supported by delivery services so that it can reach consumers. Through the use of internet technology, using social media as a promotional event will create brand awareness and a good brand image, which in turn are expected to foster company loyalty. This study aims to analyze the effect of social media marketing, brand awareness, and brand image on brand loyalty at J&amp;T Express in Surabaya. The sampling technique used was non probability sampling by means of purposive sampling. The sample used in this study was 150 respondents. The characteristics of respondents in this study were respondents who had made transactions at J&amp;T Express in Surabaya. Data were collected using a questionnaire. The data analysis technique used is SEM analysis with the LISREL program. The research results prove that Social Media Marketing has a significant influence on Brand Awareness; Social Media Marketing has a significant influence on Brand Image; Brand Awareness has a significant influence on Brand Loyalty; Brand Image has a significant influence on Brand Loyalty; Social Media Marketing has a significant influence on Brand Loyalty. This research is expected make more use of social media marketing as a tools of communication which later will affect awareness, brand image, and loyalty.</em></p> Sri Yunan Budiarsi Monica Adjeng Erwita Jessica Netanya Siregar Copyright (c) 2021 Majalah Ekonomi 2021-12-21 2021-12-21 26 2 54 66 10.36456/majeko.vol27.no2.a4738 Komitmen Organisasional Pada Karyawan Generasi Milenial: Peran Nilai Kerja dan Kepuasan Kerja <p><strong><em>ABSTRACT</em></strong></p> <p><em>The increasing dominance of the millennial generation in the world of work requires organizations to understand and accommodate the characteristics and values of the millennial generation. This study examined the role of work values on organizational commitment through job satisfaction as a mediating variable in millennial generation employees. This study used a quantitative method with 166 respondents determined by using purposive sampling. Data were collected using an online questionnaire with a Likert scale and processed using partial least squares analysis techniques. The results showed that organizational commitment was significantly influenced by the work value and job satisfaction of Generation Y employees. The results also showed that job satisfaction acts as a mediating variable on the relationship between work value and organizational commitment among millennials.</em></p> Christian Budianto Dhyah Harjanti Widjojo Suprapto Copyright (c) 2021 Majalah Ekonomi 2021-12-21 2021-12-21 26 2 67 74 10.36456/majeko.vol27.no2.a4739 Pengaruh Pengetahuan Kewirausahaan Dan Motivasi Terhadap Minat Menjadi Pengusaha Dimasa Pandemi Covid-19 Di Surabaya <p><em>This review plans to decide the impact of Business venture Information and Innovative Inspiration on Business Interest locally in the city of Surabaya. This sort of examination is affiliated. Essential information were gathered through surveys distributed to respondents. The population in this review isn't restricted by unique models. The example in this review added up to 94 respondents. The consequences of this review show that at the same time, the impact of Business Information and Pioneering Inspiration on Business Interests in networks in the Surabaya matured 25-35 years. To some extent the impact of Enterprising Information and Business venture Inspiration has a positive and critical impact on Business Interest. According to the aftereffects of the coefficient of assurance, the R Square worth of 0.373 or 37.3% of the Pioneering Interest variable can be clarified by the Enterprising Information and Innovative Inspiration variable and the leftover 62.7% is clarified by different factors not inspected in this review.</em></p> Dwi Widi Hariyanto Copyright (c) 2021 Majalah Ekonomi 2021-12-21 2021-12-21 26 2 75 81 10.36456/majeko.vol27.no2.a4740 Praktik Fraud Dalam Kasus Kepailitan Perusahaan <p><em>This research aims to knowing Fraud Practices that occur in the Bankruptcy process in a company such as well as fraud in the implementation of the process of recording financial statements, effectiveness Internal control, strengthening the code of ethics and triggering the attitude of the Company's leaders. This research approach uses descriptive qualitative research methods and uses Inductive data analysis. Through triangulation techniques, researchers conduct data mining regarding fraud that occurred before the company was declared bankrupt by using data collection techniques with interviews with companies and curators who help deal with this case and then observe the object of research on the data related to fraud. The results of the study show that the practice of fraud often occurs in companies experiencing bankruptcy, in this case in several Processes settlement of bankruptcy, the company has the potential for fraud to occur in it, including Fraud in the Company's financial process, one of which is the Board of Directors combining finance personally with the Company's finances, in addition at the time of the bankruptcy determination tracing only based on the facts of assets alone does not consider the existence of financial statements owned by the company in previous periods. Conditions for Fraud This causes the company to go bankrupt. </em></p> Tanti Wulandari Andrianto Ma’ruf Syaban Copyright (c) 2021 Majalah Ekonomi 2021-12-21 2021-12-21 26 2 82 96 10.36456/majeko.vol27.no2.a4741 Strategi Pengembangan Destinasi Wisata Kabupaten Jember <p><em>This study aims to analyze the strategy for developing the potential of tourism places in Jember Regency, East Java. This study focuses on activities to analyze strategies that can be used by the Jember Regency Government so that it can focus on the main strategy, namely tourism development in Jember Regency, East Java. The survey subjects were all tourists and residents around tourism sites in Jember Regency who participated in the development of tourism sites in Jember Regency, and the survey sample was obtained from directly. Data collection uses previous research review techniques and theoretical concepts that underlie tourism strategies, surveys, and in-depth interviews. This study uses data analysis techniques in the form of qualitative descriptive analysis. The results and findings in this study show that tourism places in Jember Regency have the potential of a very worthy area to get more attention in terms of sustainable tourism development.</em></p> Achmad Yanu Alif Fianto Rudi Santoso Copyright (c) 2021 Majalah Ekonomi 2021-12-21 2021-12-21 26 2 97 105 10.36456/majeko.vol27.no2.a4742