Analisis Proksimat Abon Bonggol Pisang Dengan Fortifikasi Tepung Tempe Dan Lesitin

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  • Rini Rahayu Sihmawati
  • Dwi Agustiyah Rosida



The aim of this research  was to evaluate  a proximate test (protein, fat, water content and carbohydrate) shredded banana corm  with  tempeh flour and lechitin  fortification.   This research is an experimental study using a completely randomized design factorial pattern. The first treatment was: Tempe soybean flour (T) with a level of T1 (5%), T2 (10%) and T3 (15%). The second treatment was lecithin (L) with levels of L1 (3%), L2 (5%) and L3 (7%) so that 9 treatment combinations were obtained. The collected data were analyzed with a 2-way classification variance test (analysis of variance). If there is a difference between treatments followed by LSD test. Proximate test results on the protein content of shredded  banana corm  showed that the addition of  tempeh  flour (T) had a very significant effect on protein content (P <0.01), while the addition of lecithin (L) was not significant (P> 0.05) both  tempeh  flour and lechitin did not significant on fat content and water content (P> 0.05). Tempeh flour (T) has a very significant effect on carbohydrate content (P <0.01), while the addition of lecithin (L) is not significant (P> 0.05).


Keywords: banana corn, shredded, tempeh flour, lecithin, proximate test


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