Pertumbuhan dan Tanggapan Anatomis Akar Tanaman Cabai Keriting (Capsicum annuum L.) Terhadap Cekaman NaCl Rendah pada Awal Fase Vegetatif

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  • Indira Pipit Miranti


Salt stress is a condition of the soil with high concentration of soluble salts and it causes bad growth for plants. Only few crops can survive in soil with high salt concentration. This study aimed to determine the growth and anatomical responses of curly pepper plants root given with low of NaCl at early vegetative phase, as well as to determine the optimal concentration for the growth of curly pepper plants. The experiment was conducted at the research farm of Sawitsari, Laboratory of Plant Structure and Development, and Laboratory of FALITMA Faculty of Biology UGM. This Research was designed in Completely Randomized Design (CRD) with variation of low NaCl treatment. Variation of treatment were water as control (G0), early NaCl 50 mM+ advanced 150 mM (G1), early NaCl 75 mM+ advanced 150 mM (G2), early NaCl 100 mM+ advanced 150 mM (G3), early NaCl 125 mM+ advanced 150 mM (G4), and early NaCl 150 mM+ advanced 150 mM (G5). The parameters observed were the anatomical parameters of roots (the thickness of cortex, and vascular bundle, roots diameter); growth of plants (plant height, internodes length, root length, and plants biomass); and biochemical parameters (roots proline). Quantitative data were analyzed using ANOVA followed by DMRT at a significant level of 5%. Anatomical structure of roots were analyzed descriptively. The result showed that low of NaCl stress at early vegetative phase treatment increased the plant height, internodus length, root length, root biomass, and highest root diameter in G1, meanwhile the highest thickness of root cortex was found in G3. The treatment reduced root stele diameter in G3 compare with G5. If the treatments were compared with control, all parameters measured at low of NaCl treatment showed reduction except root length and root proline content. The optimal concentration of salt for the optimal growth of curly pepper plants was a treatment with NaCl 50 mM+ advanced 150 mM (G1).

Keywords: NaCl stress, pepper, growth, anatomical response, vegetative phase


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