Design of Table Chair Flexibility Products Using Antopometry Methods to Minimize Land Use

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  • Yanatra Budi Pramana
  • Indra Dwi Febryanto Universitas PGRI Adi Buana



Table chair flexibilty


In an increasingly advanced era, all
property or home furniture is required to have a
renewable innovation and efficiency. This is because
property or home furniture currently has a very large
mass or size. Large furniture sizes such as chairs and
tables have an average area of 500cm2. Almost 90% of
Indonesian people have tables and chairs as the contents
of their household furniture. Not only functioned at
home, in restaurants, cafes, malls, offices, in parks and
all places where if there is interaction between humans,
there must be chairs and tables as places for interaction.
But sometimes the owners of chairs and tables often
complain about the size of the tables and chairs, so they need a large enough area to place these two items. The
problem that exists in society today is the narrowing of
empty land in one place. Sometimes there is home
furniture that is not ergonomic, such as a chair that is
too high, a table that is too low and so on. By using this
anthopometric method, the measurements obtained
include a chair along the 95th percentile 25 cm, chair
length 33 cm 95th percentile, table length 68 cm 5th
percentile, chair height 39 cm 5th percentile, table height
69 cm 5th percentile, and finally lower surface height. a
table of 54 cm on the 95th percentile, and it is hoped that
the manufacture of a chair flexibility table product
design can overcome all the problems of land limitations
that exist in today's society.


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